Friday, September 4, 2009


Attention to all members of USM Archery Club...................

We will be having a coach ( Ms. Shamani ) to guide us starting from next week 7th September 2009.

The coach will be there every MONDAY and THURSDAY 5 till 7 pm.

Do not worry about the students from ko-k as they have been assigned to a new venue.

By the way this is Ms Shamani



Csanthemum said...

is it every1 from archery club can go ? include those new?

n if v r reg for wed's clinic then means v go wed n thursday a week?

USM Archery Club said...

Hi Csanthemum, everyone in archery club is welcomed.
Regarding the registration during the new members intake, after the two clinics that you've attended, you're allowed to go to the field anytime as you like as long as the store is opened. There's no restriction about when you should go or when you shouldn't.
The registration for clinic was just to ease our job so that we knew how many members were coming for the clinic. Now you can just come anytime disregarding which day you've registered during the registration.=)

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