Friday, July 24, 2009

Announcement: New Member Recruitment *Updated for 'non-USM-ers'*

We're delighted to tell you that we've begun our new member recruitment for this new semester.
Registration date: 24 July - 31 July 2009
Membership Fees: RM 30 per year
Membership Renewal : RM 10 per year

Upon Registration, new members are required to attend two clinics when which they'll be taught about some history, "How-to's", and important matters regarding archery.
A one-year membership card will be given and by using the card, members can rent bows and arrows F.O.C. from the sport utilities store at the minden field and train anytime from Monday to Friday (9.00am - 7.00 PM),
with exception of 5.00PM-7.00PM of Monday and Thursday as those are co-curriculum days.

For those who are interested, kindly contact the contact persons of USM Archery Club for more information.

Simon 012 550 0499
Pei Ling 014 905 2898/ 012 517 0158
Aaron 017 417 1179
Darrel 017 422 2068

Do spread the news and have fun!!!


For readers' information, these membership are for students and staffs in Universiti Sains Malaysia.

However, those who're neither usm students or staffs are welcome to contact the Penang Sport Association (Majlis Sukan Negeri) for info on coaching and training sessions/courses.
Contact information as followed:

Jaffery Low Wei Loon (Coach)
012 401 3428

Thank you

Saturday, July 18, 2009

USM Archery Invitation 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

USM Invitation 2009 Results!

The result of USM Invitation 2009 is as displayed below.
Events held were
Recurve Double 70m for Men and Ladies (Women)
Compound Double 70m mix

Individual Olympic for Recurve and Compound - Men and Ladies
Individual Olympic for Compound mix
Team Olympic for Recurve and Compound mix

*Please click picture for better view

For Double 70:~~

Double 70 Recurve Teams Ranking

Double 70 Recurve Individual Ranking (Men and Ladies)
Double 70 Recurve Individual Ranking (Ladies)
Double 70 Recurve Individual Ranking (Men)

Double 70 Compound Individual Ranking (Mix)

Double 70 Compound Team Ranking (Mix)
For Individual Olympics :~~

Recurve Individual Olympic Men Page 1
Recurve Individual Olympic Men Page 2
Recurve Individual Olympic Ladies
Compound Individual Olympic Mix Page 1
Compound Individual Olympic Mix Page 2

For Team Olympic Events: ~~

Recurve Team Olympic Mix
Compound Team Recurve Mix

USM Archery Club hereby congratulates those who have won their medals during this competition, A big "well done" we'd like to say to the USM compound team who've won a gold in this competition. Also, we wish to say "great job and keep going" to those who have achieved their personal goal in this competition and "don't give up" to those who might have failed to reach their target scores.

Thanks again to USM Archery Club committee for the success of this event and once again, we beg for forgiveness to those who have attended, for any mistakes and disatisfactions caused during the event. We hope to hold more of this kind of event in the coming future.

P/S Pictures will be uploaded as soon as they're collected and compiled. thank you for your patience.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

USM Invitation 2009 Ends

The USM Invitation Archery Competition hosted by USM Archery Club has at last ended with success. Though there had been a few technical and management problems, the USM Archery Club committees have managed to pull the competition off while keeping up with the scheduled events, thanks to the assistance provided by various personnels.

Score results and pictures will be uploaded as soon as possible.