Thursday, April 2, 2009

Annual General Meeting 2009 (31st March 2009)

The annual General Meeting 2009 has been held at DK U on the 31st March 2009.
The Objective of the Meeting generally is to discuss and for the election of president and council officers of the Archery Club.

The New Elected Members of Council and Authority 2009/2010 are as followed: -

Captain (Men Archery Team) - Aaron Lim Soon Liang
Captain (Women Archery Team) - Lau Pei Ling

President : Simon Lim
Vice President : Ammar bin Ibrahim

Secretary : Ling Jem Shan

Treasurer : Lau Pei Ling

Q/Master :
Nurul Fatiha binti Muah
Tan Jun Chao
Leng Yin On

Publicity (IT) : Ling Jem Shan

Members of Authority(AJK) :
Afwa binti Roslan
Lee Boon Pin

If anyone would wish to join the archery club in next semester, kindly look forward for announcement about the time and date of our roadshow and booth set-up for registration and enquiries next semester. Thank You!